Greenspace Fusion Pulse Welfare Units

The GreenSpace® Fusion Pulse Welfare Range utilises the latest in energy storage technology to reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution and wasted power, all while saving you money.


How it works

The generator and roof mounted solar panel charge the 12V battery, allowing the lighting, heating and inverter powered electrical sockets to be run on battery power alone.

The generator can be switched on to top up power for heating, the water system, and using the kettle or microwave.

Through reducing the reliance on the generator, the system cuts carbon emissions, reduces fuel bills and decreases the likelihood of breakdowns.

Live on-board telemetry allows you to keep track of your energy consumption and the performance of your welfare unit.

  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% – an estimated saving of 40,000kg a year! (Based on running a 12 hour day and a 5 day week)
  • Up to 80% reductions in generator run time reducing the likelihood of breakdowns.

Wernick Eco Welfare Tech

Increased eco-efficiency

Improved chances of winning contracts through greater sustainability

Saves you money

Environmental features give owners and end users savings by way of reduced fuel usage

Less down time

80% reduction in generator servicing, longer generator life and fewer breakdowns

Reduced noise

Massively reduced noise pollution

Best practice

Greenspace® products can help you to achieve best practice under the Considerate Constructors Scheme


The following Greenspace® Fusion Pulse products are available from Wernick Hire:

3.6m Mobile Welfare

5.0m Mobile Welfare

7.6m Static Welfare

7.6m Greenspace+® Static Welfare


Layouts and 3D models are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from the actual units supplied.

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