GreenSpace Fusion Pulse

Wernick Hire is making an investment of over £5 million in new welfare units which incorporate industry-leading energy saving technology.

The GreenSpace Fusion Pulse welfare range utilises the latest in solar 12V technology to deliver energy efficiency in a compact, anti-vandal package. This innovative new range reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution and wasted power, all while saving you money and disruption from maintenance.

Wernick Hire will purchase 110 mobile units and 100 static units over the next 18 months, in a bid to expand its eco-friendly Greenspace range of products.

The new units are part of Genquip’s innovative Fusion Pulse 30 range, designed to celebrate 30 years since the first Groundhog welfare unit was produced for the UK rental market.

How it works

The 6KVA generator and roof mounted solar panel charge the 12V battery, allowing the lighting, heating and inverter powered electrical sockets to be run on battery power alone. The generator can then be switched on to top up power for heating, the water system and using of the kettle or microwave.Live on-board telemetry allows you to keep track of your energy consumption and the performance of your welfare unit.

This reduced usage can cut your carbon emissions by up to 80% and save you costs on fuel, servicing and breakdown repairs.

GreenSpace Fusion Pulse welfare units are available as 3.6×2.3m, 4.8×2.3m and 7.6×2.7m.


Layouts and 3D models are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from the actual units supplied.

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