Wernick Buildings can provide a number of procurement options for your project.

Direct Award

The most straightforward way is to simply approach us directly. With our full turnkey service we can deliver your project from start to finish. For more information on our turnkey service click here.


If you need a compliant procurement route Wernick Buildings are a member of a number of national and local frameworks.

What are the benefits of a framework?

  • Efficiencies
    • No need for costly procurement exercises; frameworks pre-qualify suppliers to ensure your building is supplied by industry leaders at competetive prices.
    • You can further streamline the procurement process on select frameworks with a single action tender for projects of any value.
  • Compliance
    • Wernick only supply to frameworks which comply with UK regulations and EU directives.
    • All national frameworks we supply to use OJEU compliant agreements.

What does it take to become a supplier?

To ensure their clients are receiving the best possible service, framework providers put their suppliers through a rigorous selection process. Potential suppliers are assessed on a wide variety of criteria and need to demonstrate high standards throughout their business to be selected.

Some of the criteria that Wernick Buildings have been assessed on include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Expertise
  • Quality Management
  • Financial Stability
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Other Procurement Resources

Wernick Buildings can also offer support for relevant funding applications. For example, we can provide information to support funding for a new academy or sixth form college building via the Condition Improvement Fund.

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