Industry & manufacturing buildings

The industrial sector places many demands on its accommodation, so robust, quality buildings are vital.

Industrial modular building

Robust, quality modular buildings

We offer a range of modular building solutions for any demand your industry may have.

This includes fast, flexible office space which can be temporary or permanent, as well as secure storage space or welfare. All of these can be provided in blast resistant units if required, ensuring a comfortable work environment that is convenient and safe for employees.

Accommodation can be supplied as a stand-alone, self-contained units. Single units are much more portable and can be more flexible in meeting your on-site needs. We also stock a range of quick to install, fully portable secure mobile welfare units to give you full flexibility.

Our buildings are totally flexible and allow for open plan offices or spacious canteen areas. Floor plans can be customised to suit every need without compromising on the integrity of the building.