Anti-vandal cabins

Wernick AVDanzer's anti-vandal cabins, also known as jackleg cabins or portable cabins, offer a versatile selection of options that cater to a variety of site requirements.

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Our cabins

These anti-vandal cabins come in a range of sizes, providing a compact yet efficient solution for all types of site set-ups. Each cabin is meticulously constructed using the highest quality material, ensuring durability and longevity.

As a standard feature, these cabins are equipped with anti-vandal window shutters and 10-point locking steel doors, guaranteeing enhanced security measures.

We offer the flexibility to customise the cabins according to the client’s specifications, with an assortment of options available to accommodate various budget considerations.

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What we can offer you

We provide a wide range of cabins for various purposes. These offerings include offices, welfare facilities, toilet and shower blocks, gatehouses, secure storage units, meeting rooms, changing rooms, drying rooms, canteens, smoking shelters, viewing platform and stackable options.

This includes a full turnkey solution, ensuring our customers receive a complete solution tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s creating a functional workspace or ensuring the safety and convenience of employees, we make sure these anti-vandal cabins meet whatever requirement.

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Anti-vandal modular solutions brochure

Discover more about our modular solutions

See our anti-vandal modular buildings

Our modular buildings offer a flexible design to meet any requirements with the option to be relocated and add other modules when needed.