Shower hire

Essential shower facilities for events

Quality shower facilities are vital for many events, especially festivals and outdoor gatherings that involve spending time in muddy fields and campsites.

At Wernick Events, we understand the importance of providing convenient and hygienic shower solutions to enhance the overall experience of your attendees.

Wide range of static shower units

We offer a wide range of static shower units available in various configurations to suit your specific event requirements.

Our units are designed with durability and functionality in mind, ensuring that your guests can enjoy refreshing showers throughout the duration of the event.

Efficient hot water supply

Our shower units feature gas-powered boilers, eliminating the need for large and expensive generators. This efficient system provides hot water on-demand, ensuring a comfortable shower experience for your attendees.

Additionally, our integrated header tank and pump system guarantee a powerful shower regardless of the water pressure at your event site.

Key features of our static showers:

  • Wide range of static shower units available
  • Jacklegs for maximum stability on uneven ground
  • Pads provided for soft ground placement
  • Versatile installation options at almost any location
  • Disabled units available for inclusive accessibility
  • Private shower cubicles for individual comfort and privacy
  • Water heaters for precise temperature regulation in each shower
  • Easy-to-clean interiors for efficient maintenance
  • Dedicated changing areas for convenience
  • Built-in header tank and pump system for powerful showers
  • Optional steps and waste tanks available upon request

Sizes available

  • 24’ x 10’ (7.2m x 3m) jack leg 6 bay gas shower
  • 10’x 8’ (3m x 2.4m) 4 bay gas pod shower
  • 10’ x 9’ (3m x 2.8m) disabled electric shower

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