Specialised facilities provided for the MOD and related organisations.

MOD modular buildings

We bring a specialist understanding of MoD needs to your new building.

We have an in-house specialist in Military Construction & Army Infrastructure in the form of our Construction Director Ben Wernick CEng VICE.

The needs of the MoD are massively varied, and not just limited to specialised facilities like shooting ranges. Secure storage space, for example, are vital, and can be used for anything from archiving to firearms. Offices, classrooms and gymnasiums all have a self-evident part to play in the operation of an organisation that relies on training, as well as offices, kitchens and barrack blocks.

While ours buildings can be made secure with the use of counter terrorism measures, it does not mean they need to look ready for battle. With a range of exterior cladding and interior finishes available, as well as a choice of roof finishes, it is simple to create an attractive environment for the occupants.

MOD modular buildings