Disabled units

Accessible facilities for every event

The provision of disabled facilities is a vital requirement at most major events. We are fully committed to ensuring that all your attendees have access to the necessary facilities, regardless of their abilities.

Our extensive fleet of toilet and shower units is readily available to meet the accessibility needs of your event.


High-quality solutions for disabled attendees

Our disabled units are equipped with all the necessary equipment and fittings to provide the same level of quality and comfort as the rest of our toilet and shower fleet.

We understand the importance of creating an inclusive environment that allows disabled attendees to fully enjoy your event. Hand rails and ramps can be provided to ensure convenient access to these facilities.

Wernick Disabled Toilet

Key features of our disabled units:

  • Sensor hand wash facilities for hygienic and touch-free operation
  • Emergency pull cord with visual external alarm for added safety and peace of mind
  • Various access solutions available to accommodate different requirements and event layouts
  • Waste tanks available on request for locations without access to mains sewerage

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