Healthcare buildings

Wernick have decades of experience bringing the numerous benefits of modular construction to the healthcare sector.

modular healthcare building

We can deliver a permanent healthcare facility that caters to your specific needs

Our building system is designed to deliver compliant ward and clinical spaces via standardised modular construction.

We can deliver buildings specifically designed to meet the spatial and technical requirements of the NHS. Our system can deliver a fully completed HBN & HTM compliant, four-bed ward in just two modular units; meaning a ward can be installed, and ready for fit out in as little as 24 hours.

Wards are just one of the facilities offered by our building system. Through an innovative combination of on- and offsite techniques, we can bring the cost, speed and quality benefits of modular construction to facilities as complex as operating theatres. This is achieved while maintaining compliance throughout, including enhanced ceiling height.

modular healthcare building

Flexible building system

Our modular buildings can cater for almost any requirement in the healthcare sector.

These include:

  • Hospital wards
  • Operating theatres
  • Mental health facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Non-clinical
  • Specialist imaging facilities
modular healthcare building

Ward accommodation

Wernick’s modular systems include a standardized building solution designed with urgently required hospital ward space in mind.

Its increased heights, spans and widths allow Wernick to incorporate a four-bed ward within just two modules, thus reducing the number of deliveries required and time on site.

Our buildings suit a range of ward applications including intensive care, acute medical, paediatric and maternity.

Where required, buildings are completed to meet your obligations under the Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) and Health Building Notes (HBN).

modular healthcare building, modular ward

Modular & hybrid operating theatres

Our state of the art hospital theatres deliver on speed and efficiency, while ensuring full compliance with
healthcare regulations.

Our modular solution offers bespoke and high-quality spaces, ideally suited to the unique requirements of hospital theatres.

We work alongside trusted partners, consultants and specialist suppliers to supply client-specific equipment and facilities.

Buildings feature a floor to ceiling height of 3.0m to accommodate pendant and canopy installation and come with service void to sufficiently maintain HTM compliancy for clinical use. This provides adequate space to accommodate complex MEP service requirements.

modular healthcare building, modular operating theatre

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