Secure storage units

Temporary secure storage for your event

When it comes to keeping your valuable items safe during an event, you can rely on our temporary secure storage units.

Whether it’s light and sound equipment, stages and costumes, important documents, or even money, our secure storage units provide the utmost security for your peace of mind.

Robust and durable construction

Our units are constructed from robust security steel, ensuring the highest level of protection for your stored items. Designed to deter vandalism and theft, our units incorporate heavy-duty door locks, providing an added layer of security.

The large double doors allow for easy access, even for bulky items, simplifying the storage process.

Flexible storage solutions

We understand that different items have varying storage requirements. To accommodate your specific needs, our secure storage units are available in sizes of 3.0 meters (10′) and 6.0 meters (20′).

Additionally, we offer portable racking options, allowing for increased storage capacity and organisation. This ensures that your items are stored safely and efficiently.

Key features of our secure storage units:

  • Anti-vandal all-steel construction for maximum security
  • Double doors for easy access and manoeuvring of items
  • Robust door locks to deter theft and unauthorised access

We also have the following options available on request:

  • Portable racking options for increased storage capacity
  • Internal lighting for visibility and convenience
  • Electric power points to support any necessary equipment or devices

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