At Wernick sustainability is embedded within all aspects of our business operations and product offering. When considering and integrating sustainability we have taken a holistic approach, in the way that we run our business, our production processes and delivering sustainable solutions to our clients whilst adapting to a changing climate. We continue to innovate, collaborate and forge ahead, determined to achieve a sustainable future and leave a positive impact for future generations.

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Net zero by 2040

We are implementing a strategy to become a net zero company by 2040. Our Carbon Management Plan sets the strategy and framework for the Wernick Group’s ongoing commitment to managing and reducing its carbon emissions. Specifically, it identifies the Group’s carbon baseline, sets a target for reducing this baseline within a defined period, details an implementation plan, and lists current carbon reduction projects.

Understanding that climate change is an urgent global crisis, our commitment goes beyond just complying with our legal requirements – it is being embedded in everything we do as one of our core company values, as laid out in ‘The Wernick Way’.

Our social values

We recognise the importance of conducting our business in a socially responsible manner. Our commitment to integrity, respect, transparency and accountability forms the foundation of our operations. Prioritising the well-being of employees, ensuring fair treatment, professional growth and a safe work environment is a main focus for us.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us at Wernick Group. We maintain relationships with clients through our high-quality products and services, addressing of feedback and communication.

We consider that embedding social value is an integral part of good business management. Engaging in community development, supporting local charities and addressing social and environmental issues, allows us to deliver a positive impact, both in the short and long term.

Social value - children

Sustainable futures

Our Executive Board are responsible for the governance, leadership, strategic direction and overall management of the Group’s sustainability ambition. They set the strategic aims, establish the Company’s values and standards, and monitor compliance on an ongoing basis.

Believing in the right people is vital and we strive to create a respectful and rewarding work environment. We invest in employee training and career development and provide incentives to support employee engagement in their communities. Our Help in the Community Initiatives means that we encourage staff to take part in local charity efforts as well as supporting a small group of chosen organisations each year.

Our long-standing commitment to social responsibility dates back to the birth of the company in the 1930s and it drives our success today. We value the environment, our employees and our responsibility as a company. We recognise the threat of climate change and continuously improve our sustainability practices.

David Wernick
Executive Chairman