Our modular building systems offer flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient solutions for various sectors, with rapid deployment, customisation options, and the ability to expand and relocate as needed.

Wernick Hire's modular building

Flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient solutions

Welcome to our range of modular building systems designed to address your short to medium term accommodation requirements. Whether you need a 54 square metre classroom or a three-storey, 1500 square metre office complex, our buildings offer rapid deployment, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional construction methods, our buildings can be ready for occupation in a fraction of the time.


Modular Classrooms

Flexible, efficient solutions transforming education.

Modular Construction - Kier

Efficient, adaptable modular buildings for streamlined construction projects.

Modular Healthcare buildings

Rapid, high-quality modular buildings revolutionising healthcare.

commercial modular buildings

Dynamic modular solutions for versatile commercial spaces.

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Tailored to your specifications

Our buildings are highly customizable to fit your specific design needs. With options for layout, interior finishes, and specialised features, we can create a tailored solution.

Standard heating, lighting installations, and pre-fitted floor coverings further enhance the accommodation to your liking.

5 storey capacity for Modular Construction sites
Minimal disruption with offsite construction

Our buildings offer the advantage of offsite construction, reducing disruption to your organisation. This is especially beneficial for sensitive environments like hospitals, schools, and universities.

With offsite construction, you can expect a streamlined process that ensures efficiency and quality.

Expandable and relocatable

Our buildings are expandable to meet your evolving accommodation needs. They can be easily extended if you require additional space.

Additionally, our modular system enables efficient disassembly and transportation, allowing for easy relocation. This versatility makes our buildings adaptable to changing circumstances.