Sustainable solutions

At Wernick, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that minimise carbon footprints and reduce environmental impact. Through our collaboration with Wernick Power Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of eco-friendly products and services to prioritise sustainability.

Minimising your carbon footprint

We empower individuals and businesses to embrace environmental responsibility and minimise their carbon footprints. With sustainable solutions and eco-friendly products, we enable you to make a positive impact on the planet.

Through our eco-accommodation options and energy-efficient systems, we provide the tools to reduce environmental impact without compromising quality or functionality.

Greenspace Fusion Pulse

Our innovative GreenSpace Fusion Pulse units incorporate advanced technologies to provide optimal comfort and functionality while minimising environmental impact.

Greenspace Fusion Pulse unit
Our GreenSpace Sureguard units can achieve an impressive ‘A’ Energy Performance Asset Rating, resulting in a remarkable 73% reduction in running costs and an 84% decrease in carbon emissions compared to our standard units.*

Greenspace ECO accommodation

External shot of Wernick Hire's GreenSpace ECO cabins
GreenSpace ECO cabins

GreenSpace ECO cabins offer eco-friendly and energy-efficient accommodation with significant cost savings and carbon emissions reduction compared to standard units.

External shot of static ECO welfare units
Static ECO welfare units

These static welfare units are built with eco-friendly features, such as energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials, reducing their environmental impact.

Mobile ECO welfare units

Offering the same high standards of welfare facilities, our mobile units are designed with sustainability in mind, allowing for flexibility and mobility while reducing carbon emissions.

GreenSpace Solar Loo

The GreenSpace Solar Loo is an eco-friendly solution revolutionising on-site facilities. Solar-powered efficiency, cost-saving design, and compliance with industry standards.

Greenspace cabins eco calculator - Wernick Hire

Visualise the savings with our GreenSpace calculator tool

Explore the savings potential of our GreenSpace eco accommodation by utilising our GreenSpace calculator tool. See how these sustainable solutions can positively impact your project's energy usage and carbon footprint.

Powering people with sustainable solutions

Collaborating with Wernick Power Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of sustainable solutions to power your site efficiently and reduce your carbon footprint. With one point of contact, we guide you through selecting eco-friendly options tailored to your power needs.

Embrace sustainability, optimise site efficiency, and contribute to a greener future with our streamlined approach and dedicated support.

Sustainable solutions brochure

Comparison is based on a single unit layout, calculated in a consistent specific location and orientation, in accordance with the NCM at the time of calculation. EPC ratings away from that specific location and orientation are different and reliant on a range of variable factors.