Ticket booths

First impressions matter

Ticket booths and gatehouses play a crucial role in event organisation, as they are often the first point of contact for attendees. It’s essential to provide high-quality facilities that leave a positive impression.

We understand the importance of creating efficient and secure spaces that enhance the ticketing and admission process.

Space-efficient design

Our ticket booths and gatehouses are designed with space efficiency in mind. They feature multiple service windows that enable you to organise queues effectively and maintain control over admissions.

This streamlined design ensures a smooth flow of attendees while optimising space utilisation.

Disabled access

These units are designed with lower windows and internal worktops, ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

We believe in providing an inclusive experience for all attendees, ensuring that everyone can access ticketing services comfortably and with ease.

Key features of our ticket booths and gatehouses:

  • Secure steel or plastic-coated galvanized steel outer skin for durability and protection
  • Lockable doors from inside and outside, ensuring security and control
  • Electric convector heaters for comfort in varying weather conditions
  • Fluorescent lighting for enhanced visibility and a well-lit environment
  • Electric power sockets to support the operation of ticketing systems and equipment
  • Counter worktops around the inside perimeter, tailored to your specific requirements

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