Wernick AVDanzer offers anti-vandal modular buildings and cabins for your site accommodation. Our products are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for reconfiguration and even relocation of modular and portable buildings to cater to evolving needs. Whether you require a change in layout or a complete shift in site, our modular buildings are primed to adapt. Our solutions are for purchase and hire.

Anti-vandal modular buildings

Our modular buildings are designed to meet various requirements, providing flexibility they can adapt to evolving needs and be configured to meet specific project specifications.

They offer the advantage of easy relocation of modular and portable buildings and the option to expand with additional modules allowing businesses to adapt to changing circumstances.



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Anti-vandal cabins

Our cabins offer a diverse range to cater for any site requirement. These cabins come in an array of sizes, ensuring a suitable option for every project and site set-up.

With their compact design, these cabins can be easily transported and installed on-site making them an ideal choice for temporary or remote locations.


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