Modular police accommodation and custodial solutions.

Modular police accommodation

Safe and secure, fast and flexible.

From individual police cells to complete psychiatric hospitals, we can provide quality factory made modular solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

When you have an accommodation need, it is often straightforward to estimate demand. This is not a luxury often afforded to custodial accommodation, where the need for space can vary greatly. The ideal custodial building, therefore, should have a great deal of flexibility and should be able to be deployed quickly.

Modular police accommodation

PCflex custodial units

Permanent or relocatable, PCflex modules can be integrated with existing facilities or form a standalone building, fully weatherproofed and externally clad.

The PCflex modules are factory manufactured and fitted out under meticulous quality controlled conditions to ISO 9001. This dramatically reduces lead times when compared to traditional construction methods. PCflex is compliant with Home Office guidelines and can be supplied in full Lambeth specification.

Modular police accommodation