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You can rely on our expertise and seamless service. We handle the logistics, installation, and maintenance, allowing you to focus on your core activities. Experience the convenience and reliability of our turnkey solutions for your next project.

Wernick Hire Total - Turnkey solutions

Your comprehensive turnkey solutions

We simplify your hiring process by offering a one-stop solution for all your essential needs. With our expert advice and dedicated team, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to. Whether you require interior or exterior solutions, from foundations to fire alarm systems, we have an extensive range of solutions to create your ideal and functional space.

Wernick Hire Total - Turnkey solutions
Fire alarms

We offer expert fire safety solutions, including wireless radio fire alarms for commercial and sensitive sites, and addressable fire alarms for precise location identification.

Intruder alarms

Our turnkey solutions package includes industry-standard intruder alarm systems to meet insurance requirements. Tailored response, open protocol panels, monitoring services, 24/7 engineer support, and free survey and design.


Our expertise ensures the best CCTV solution for your business. Key features include high-resolution cameras, comprehensive coverage, remote access, and 24/7 engineer support. Trust us for reliable and tailored CCTV systems.


Our experienced team conducts site visits to assess suitability and ensure regulatory compliance. Our services encompass foundations, transport, craneage, utility connections, and the installation of ramps and staircases.

Power – generators & energy storage

We offer a wide range of power storage units suitable for various applications across all sectors. Whether you need a stage V battery storage unit or a large-scale multi-generator package, we have you covered.

Mains connections electric / plumbing

Connect your accommodation units to power, water, and drainage systems. Services include mains connections, welfare and cabin connections, drainage installations, and boosted water supplies.

Temporary fencing

Ensure worksite security with our secure and stable fencing system. Couplers or block fleet join multiple panels for the desired length. Our fencing range includes vehicle and pedestrian gates for convenient site access.


Our steel-cased commercial dehumidifiers feature a powerful rotary compressor, removing up to 52 litres of moisture daily. With convenient features like continuous drainage, easy maintenance, and portability.

EV chargers

Our EV charging points offer reliable and convenient charging for electric and hybrid vehicles. They are compatible with popular European brands and support multiple connections at once.

Air conditioning

We collaborate with leading UK companies to provide tailored air conditioning solutions for your accommodation. Our units come in various capacities and are installed by experienced engineers.


We offer a comprehensive range of furniture options, including desks, chairs, cabinets, and more, to furnish your accommodation with comfort and practicality.

Effluent tank level alarm

A cost-effective solution for monitoring waste levels in tanks. Using ultrasonic technology, it provides real-time data without manual checks. It offers efficient waste management and a communication distance of up to 200m.

Powering people

In partnership with Wernick Power, we offer an all-inclusive hire solution that encompasses power requirements as well. Wernick Power specialises in providing reliable power solutions such as generators, EV chargers and more.

Their expertise in this field ensures that our clients have access to efficient and sustainable power sources. By integrating their power solutions seamlessly into our comprehensive offering, we deliver a streamlined experience where all essential needs, including power requirements, are taken care of.

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