Why refurbished buildings?

Our used modular buildings are refurbished to the highest standards and are able to meet current building regulations.

The refurbished modular building process

At our premise in York we fully strip back existing pre-owned modular building back to the steel frame.

From here we ‘re-build’ the modular building utilising brand new materials to create a fully bespoke repurposed, ‘recycled’ modular building.

We carry a large stock of over 300 pre-owned modules at any one time. Our stock features modules from large reputable manufacturers within the modular industry and also within the Wernick Group.

Benefits of a refurbished modular building

Low cost

Cheaper build alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality.


Waste, and subsequently cost, is minimised. Material supplies are easier to control and virtually all waste is recycled


Factory manufacture means no delays due to on-site conditions like weather, ensuring a more dependable build programme. Manufacture of the modules can begin while foundations and other preparations are made on site, significantly speeding up the build process.


Factory conditions ensure a higher quality product; workers operate in a comfortable environment where modules can be closely monitored throughout the construction process.


Modular buildings are easier to expand and can be relocated.

Sustainable buildings

Sustainability is inherent throughout the refurbishment of our modular buildings.

By repurposing existing buildings, we save up to 2,400 tonnes of waste from going to landfill every year.

We operate on a zero to landfill basis and work closely with our waste services providers to ensure best practices are achieved and maintained.

Environmental awareness is promoted throughout the business, with working practices aimed at reducing waste and energy consumption both on site and in our factory.

Solar panels, vehicle charging points and new electric forklifts are just a few of our recent investments into a greener future.

The Wernick Groups has pledged an ongoing commitment to the management and reduction of its carbon emissions which will see our company become net zero by 2040.

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