Turnkey Solutions


From sketch to architectural proposal, Wernick can deliver a building that meets your needs. Our experienced team are able to progress the project through all stages of development.

Concept Design

From your initial enquiry we will liaise directly with you to produce a concept design. Even the most ambitious or vague concepts can be visualised by our experienced technicians, who can offer their expert advice to ensure you get the building you want. Design can be undertaken fully in-house or we can work with third party architects to combine the flexibility of modular with the aesthetics of architectural design. Wernick Buildings are BIM level 2 compliant.


We offer a wide range of external cladding to help your building blend with its surroundings.

The actual building, though, is only one aspect of the overall aesthetic; the surrounding landscape also plays an important role. We offer a wide range of landscaping services, from play areas and MUGAs to gardens. We will also take care of more functional aspects, for example parking facilities or access roads.


Modular construction in no way limits what you can achieve with the interior of your building, and as part of our turnkey service we offer a full range of internal finishes.

Room layouts can be given added flexibility with the addition of partitioning, including full or half glazed.

Due to the wide range of sectors we serve, we also offer specialist fittings depending on your needs. Fittings specific to healthcare, childcare or even custodial suites are available. We pride ourselves on accommodating everyone, so please feel free to contact us if you are unsure if we can meet your requirements.


Building Regulations and Planning

Site Investigations

We conduct thorough site investigations that inform the design of your building from the very beginning. These investigations inform the foundation design and are normally required to support an engineer’s report. They also reduce the risk of unforeseen problems during site preparation and unit installation.

Planning Application

Wernick Buildings take full responsibility for your planning application. With decades of experience behind each application, you can be assured that approval will be granted without any unnecessary delays.

Building Regulations Approval

Wernick Buildings also secures building regulations approval.

Sustainable Additions

Methods of improving the energy efficiency of a building are constantly evolving, and if you are interested in helping the environment while saving on energy costs, our in-house experts can suggest sustainable features that can be incorporated into your building. Our buildings are able to achieve a BREEAM rating of excellent.

Wernick Buildings are BIM level 2 compliant

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Foundations, Building Manufacture and Installation

At this stage the dedicated Wernick Construction Division takes responsibility for the project.

Construction Phase

Preparations on site can begin while your building is being manufactured. By the time the modules are delivered, the foundations will be complete and services ready to connect to the building.

Site Management

Day to day activity on site is overseen by Wernick Buildings’ staff. Site Managers are responsible for maintaining the efficient running of a site, including everything from on-site quality checks to waste management.

Construction Design and Management Co-ordinator

We can offer the services of a CDM Co-ordinator to ensure high standards of site Health and Safety.


We oversee the delivery and installation of your building, including connection to services.