When it comes to construction in the commercial sector, never has it been more true that time equals money.

Every day construction takes place is another day of lost revenue and a blow to your return on investment. Can your business afford to become a building site for months? If not, an off-site construction solution may be the answer.

Lack of accommodation may be hindering your expansion, or you may need a purpose built marketing suite. Whatever the need, a modular building from Wernick ticks all the commercial boxes: a quality product that is fast, flexible and cost effective.

Even with all these benefits, you do not need to compromise when it comes to your building reflecting your business. With a wide range of exterior and interior options to choose from, Wernick can help you maintain your professional image in the aesthetics of your building. Even if you only need a unit on hire for a few weeks, Wernick can provide an exterior finish to match your corporate livery.

Energy conscious businesses can also take advantage of the energy saving features and fittings we offer, though even the most basic of portable or modular units will already be more environmentally friendly than a traditionally constructed one.

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