Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd.

Blast rated accommodation for Mitsubishi Chemical UK


The client, Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd., has a plant in Hull where they have an annual shutdown each year for the repair of onsite facilities. They required a number of blast resistant cabins to facilitate the shutdown.

They required a reliable and efficient supplier that could deliver high-quality, brand-new accommodation with specific extras fitted such as air conditioning in all units. After evaluating the requirements of the cabins they had been using, they decided to initiate a tender process to explore other options.

Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd. received a bid from Wernick Hire and were impressed by the specialist accommodation that they had ready in stock. The Wernick team also expressed their confidence in their capacity to provide a top-notch service.

  • Sector: Blast
  • Location: Saltend Chemical Park, Hull
  • Client Name: Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd.
  • Supplied by: Wernick Hire
  • Products and Services: 100mb and 300mb linked complexes plus standard anti-vandal cabins


After being selected as the supplier for their cabin requirements, Wernick Hire wasted no time in getting to work. Given that the plant had to be shut down during the service works, meeting the delivery deadline was crucial. Despite some unforeseen delays with groundworks, Wernick was able to deliver all their units on schedule.

They provided:

  • 11x 100mb blast units
  • 17x 300mb blast units
  • 8x 32’ CAV dry rooms
  • 4x 32’ toilet blocks
  • 4x 20’ shipping containers

All the Blast Resistant cabins provided were delivered brand new and with requested extras such as additional sockets and sinks fitted. The client was also very happy that their request for air conditioning in all units was also met which is a standard setup for the Wernick blast accommodation.

Wernick’s Depot Manager at Hull was able to communicate effectively and kept the client updated with all progress, which they highly appreciated.

Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd. were impressed by the high number of cabins being installed daily. This benefited all parties as they were under increased pressure due to the delayed groundworks.

Highlighting the comfort and flexibility of Wernick’s units, Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd. continued using the cabins for several months after their initial service project was completed.

Blast rated accommodation for Mitsubishi Chemical UK

Joe Duxbury was brilliant at delivering from concept to actualization. His confidence and ability was the key factor in selecting Wernick as our new SDM partner. We hope to build on this over the coming years now that all parties understand each other better.

Richard Hudson, Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd
Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd
Blast rated accommodation for Mitsubishi Chemical UK