Dynamic solutions for varied needs

Whether it’s powering a small-scale operation or fueling large-scale projects, our equipment seamlessly integrates and adapt to fluctuating demand. We prioritize scalability and cohesion, ensuring that our products work together collectively.

Our product range is designed to be the backbone of your success, offering dynamic support for projects of all sizes.

Generator hire

Access reliable and tailored generator hire services to meet your project's power requirements.

Battery storage unit

Explore sustainable energy solutions with our battery storage units, designed for efficient energy storage and usage.

Fixed solar PV

Embrace renewable energy using our fixed solar PV kits, designed for quick deployment and adaptability to various surfaces.

PUNCH Flybrid

Innovate your energy strategy with the PUNCH Flybrid, optimizing generator usage, reducing fuel consumption, and minimizing carbon emissions.

Load banks

Maintain generator health with our loadbanks, offering precise testing and calibration for optimal performance.

EV charging

Stay prepared for the rise of electric vehicles with our dependable charging points, compatible with various European vehicle types.

Cabling and distribution

Complete your power setup with our range of practical accessories, including cabling and distribution boards, ensuring a seamless and safe power distribution.

Fuel tanks

Ensure uninterrupted operations with our robust bunded fuel storage units, designed for safety, compliance, and accessibility.

Power monitoring

Enhance project efficiency with Erica, our power monitoring solution, delivering real-time data and remote access for improved efficiency.