Managed services

Wernick Power Solutions - Managed Services

Powerful solutions tailored for you

We offer managed services that go beyond providing temporary power – we deliver hassle-free, reliable solutions tailored to your project’s needs. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment of your power requirements, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and suitable fleet selection.

From initial consultation to project completion, our turnkey solutions streamline the process, supporting you every step of the way.

How we assess your needs

Our team engages with you to discuss your project in detail, identifying your true power requirements. Whether you prioritise cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, efficiency, or minimising your site footprint, we work with you to select the best solution.

Ongoing support

With our managed services, you receive 24/7 support for any questions, technical assistance, or order modifications. Our commitment extends to providing a full fuel management service, ensuring you never run out of fuel, be it diesel or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

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