modular healthcare building


In no other sector is it as vital to procure sources in a way that is low impact, both to the site and to available funds, as it is in the healthcare sector.

With possible requirements including storage and office accommodation as well as a range of specialised facilities, these solutions also need to be incredibly flexible.

Wernick offers all of these benefits, coupled with extensive experience with healthcare projects. We are familiar with the stringent regulations and demanding nature of the sector, and can provide you with quality buildings that are finished and equipped to meet specialist Health Technical Memorandum requirements. These fittings can include lifts, climate control, increased insulation and double glazed windows along with IT installation and even medical gases.

Whatever the specification you need, we can provide solutions for sale or for hire, allowing you to best deploy your resources to meet your needs.

While our buildings are functional, they can also be aesthetically pleasing. The effects of a welcoming environment on both patients and staff should not be underestimated, which is why Wernick let you customise the exterior and interior finishing of your permanent buildings.

This can include brick or wood exterior cladding and a range of roof options, which can allow your new accommodation to attain uniformity with the appearance of existing buildings.

Whether you require a complete hospital, more wards, or simply secure storage, Wernick is able to help.

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