The Wernick Group has a long history of work in the education sector, where the advantages of modular building over traditional construction, particularly speed of build and cost, come into their own.

This has given us a great deal of experience conforming to applicable regulations and communicating with relevant bodies and authorities to give you the most efficient service.

Far from being the simple, single-storey huts they once were, modular buildings can now constitute anything from single classrooms up to complete schools and everything in between.

Wernick can even deliver projects requiring specialist considerations, including science labs, music rooms, wet play areas and nurseries. Non-educational facilities; storage space or fully equipped canteens, for example, can also be provided.

Construction can have a major impact on the running of a school, but this is easily minimised with a modular approach. Most of our school buildings are installed during school holidays, allowing pupils to start the term in new classrooms with no disruption to their learning.

The aesthetics achievable with modular buildings have also been transformed, with a range of external options to cater for nearly every look, including brickwork and tiled roofs to give a pleasingly traditional appearance. Often, Wernick is able to design a building that merges seamlessly with the existing school.

We also appreciate that the needs of schools can vary drastically from year to year. We are able to provide temporary classrooms for hire to schools dealing with sudden rises in pupil numbers, or emergencies that have rendered existing accommodation unusable.

Most importantly, Wernick can provide a comfortable environment that both students and staff will enjoy working in.

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