Construction changing room


Construction site accommodation is crucial to the wellbeing of employees. When procuring on-site accommodation, it is vital you get a quality product and efficient service, to allow you and your employees to focus on the task in hand.

Whether you require storage units to keep tools and other belongings secure, or marketing suites that allow potential clients to experience a development before construction is complete, the Wernick Group can meet your needs.

Even if special considerations are required, our wide product range allows us to cater for nearly every need, including units that are fire rated or anti-vandal. Environmentally friendly technology can also be incorporated into our units, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

We have a wide range of welfare units available; from self-contained, all in one solutions to smaller more mobile facilities. Toilet, shower, drying rooms and changing areas can all be incorporated into a single unit.

For larger projects, multiple storey blocks can be created, or separate units linked to form a complex. Flexible floor layouts allow you to achieve small individual work areas, meeting rooms or large open plan offices.

For a professional touch, units can be also be finished in your corporate colours. The internal finish is also entirely at your discretion, functional and easy to maintain is as achievable as plush and luxurious. No matter the finish, you can be sure your employees will be comfortable in their accommodation.

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