Carbon reporting

Remote monitoring for optimal performance

When we provide our customers with a battery unit, we prioritise operational efficiency. Our commitment extends to ensuring the unit operates efficiently, delivering tangible savings for our customers.

Through remote access capabilities, we monitor these units daily, promptly addressing any issues, and calling in necessary support. This proactive approach ensures uninterrupted operation and optimal performance.

Emission reduction

Understand the tangible impact of green solutions like battery storage units and solar panels. Our Carbon Reporting breaks down the kilograms of carbon saved, offering a realistic view of your environmental contribution.

Cost savings

Identify potential cost savings by assessing emission reduction measures. The report provides a clear understanding of how sustainable choices translate into both carbon reduction and monetary savings.

Quiet hours

Beyond emissions, our report explores additional benefits, such as silent hours and silent running. Track the hours your battery storage unit operates independently, reducing the overall generator run time on-site. The silent running metric highlights the percentage of time your site relies on renewable energy.

Solar gain

Understand the impact of solar panels on your site. Our report reveals how solar gain contributes to putting energy back into the battery storage unit, further reducing generator run time and enhancing the overall efficiency of your site.

Our Carbon Reporting service offers straightforward insights, allowing you to make informed decisions about your energy usage, costs, and environmental impact.

Stay connected to your energy solutions and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable and efficient future.

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