Security and performance combined

Engineered with reinforced steel and featuring secure locking mechanisms on both doors, our bunded container offers the ideal balance between generator security and maintenance accessibility. With Voltstore, your generators remain safe while remaining ready for maintenance tasks.

Enhanced functionality for optimal performance

The Voltstore solution goes beyond protection by incorporating a 2,000-litre fuel tank, intake/exhaust ducting, and an integrated electrical distribution system. This combination not only safeguards your equipment but also enhances generator runtime.

Key features for unmatched utility


  • Personnel lighting: Enjoy well-lit accessibility for maintenance tasks.
  • Distribution board: Equipped with 240v / 415v capability, ensuring versatile power distribution.
  • Machinery access doors: Designed for easy machinery access, facilitating maintenance routines.
  • Up to 2,000-litre bulk fuel tank: A substantial fuel tank capacity ensures prolonged generator operation.
  • Generators up to 100kVA: Voltstore accommodates generators up to 100kVA in size.
  • Telemetry system: Monitor your equipment remotely with the integrated telemetry system.
  • Personnel access: Accessible for authorised personnel, ensuring security and convenience.
  • Intake/exhaust ducting: Efficient ventilation system to optimise generator performance.
  • Fully bunded ADR compliant container: Our container adheres to full bunding and ADR compliance standards.
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