PUNCH Flybrid

Industrial flywheel system

Optimise your power usage, cut generator consumption, and reduce your carbon footprint with the PUNCH Flybrid, a revolutionary industrial flywheel system.

Designed to complement generators, batteries, or mains connections, this system delivers high-power boosts precisely when needed, resulting in significant fuel and cost savings.

Efficient power boost

Delivers up to 85kW of real power for a short burst, optimising generator performance during peak demand.

Fast response time

With a system response time of less than 0.03 seconds, the PUNCH Flybrid ensures a rapid and reliable power supply.

Generator downsizing

Typical downsizings are between 1.5 to 4, leading to substantial fuel savings.

Dynamic duty cycle optimisation

Ideal for applications with dynamic duty cycles, such as tower cranes, rock crushers, pumps, and more.

Key features

  • Power limit, frequency control, and voltage control modes: Adaptable modes for versatile power management.
  • Remote communication and monitoring: Stay connected and in control with remote communication, monitoring, and diagnostics.
  • Robust construction: Zintec steel canopy, reinforced drag points, and a fixed central lifting eye ensure durability in diverse environments.
  • User-friendly interface: The control panel is user friendly for easy operation and monitoring.
  • Electrically connected flywheel energy storage system: Enables generator downsizing, providing 85kW of real power and up to 133kVA for approximately 5 seconds.
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