Load banks

Engineered for reliability and resilience

Invest in the longevity and reliability of your generators with Wernick Power Solutions’ Load banks. Our Load banks are an indispensable tool for comprehensive generator maintenance, ensuring your backup power is always ready when needed.

Supported by a skilled team with extensive industry experience, our product delivers unmatched performance.

Wernick Power Solutions Load banks

Key features of our load banks

  • Variable load simulation: Simulate loads from 1% to 100% for a comprehensive generator test.
  • Robust security: Canopy with lockable doors provides additional security, especially in vulnerable areas.
  • Versatile load options: Offers resistive single and three-phase load options for flexibility.
  • Easy transport: Road towable options for enhanced site-to-site flexibility.
  • Calibrated accuracy: Regular calibration ensures accurate and precise test results.
  • Engineer support: Available with an expert engineer or as a standalone hire package for convenience.
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