Fixed solar PV

Quick and easy renewable energy

Experience the simplicity of deploying solar panels in any location with Wernick Power Solutions’ Fixed Solar PV kits. Designed as a plug-and-play solution, our fixed solar PV kits, available in AC or DC output, offer a seamless way to harness renewable energy, providing a supplementary power source to increase capacity in a swift and efficient manner.

Harnessing solar power for a sustainable future

Our Fixed Solar PV kits efficiently generate power by capturing energy from the sun’s rays. Monitored by a controller, this energy is supplied to batteries or directly to the site, providing an immediate power source.

This eco-friendly solution works synergistically with our VoltBank and significantly reduces the need for diesel consumption.

Key features

  • Versatile fixing options: Options for hard or soft ground fixing, ensuring adaptability to various environments.
  • Roof mounted option: Available for accommodation roofs, offering flexibility in installation locations.
  • Modular expandable system: Easily expand your solar capacity with our modular system, adapting to changing energy needs.
  • Plug and play installation: Hassle-free installation with our plug-and-play system, minimizing setup time.
  • Connects to separate control module: Seamlessly integrates with a separate control module for efficient energy management.
Reduce fuel costs

Offset diesel consumption by harnessing renewable solar power, leading to substantial fuel cost reductions.

Reduce noise levels

Silent and efficient, our Fixed Solar PV kits contribute to a quieter and more sustainable power solution.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Embrace eco-friendly energy production, significantly lowering carbon emissions.

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