Control and monitoring

Intelligent power monitoring and control

Experience a new level of power management with our smart power monitoring solution designed to deliver cost-effective and low-carbon solutions for both temporary and fixed power installations.

This plays a pivotal role in optimising power usage, providing real-time monitoring and control capabilities to enhance efficiency.

Power Monitoring

Key features

  • Plug and play convenience: No specialist install team required; it is designed for easy and hassle-free setup.
  • Remote access anytime, anywhere: Connect via your phone or tablet, ensuring convenient remote access to your power data.
  • Pre-set power controls: Easily configure pre-set power controls, adapting to high or low-level usage areas based on your project’s unique needs.
  • Energy usage calculation: This helps calculate energy usage, fostering a culture of power saving and efficiency.
  • Live monitoring in real time: Stay informed with real-time power data updated every five seconds, utilising the latest cloud technology.
  • Wifi connection for versatility: Utilises wifi or a 4G independent router, offering flexibility and seamless connectivity.
Reduce fuel costs

Our intelligent monitoring helps optimise power usage, reducing fuel costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Reduce CO2 emissions

By encouraging power-saving practices, this contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions, supporting a greener environment.

Improve efficiency

Stay ahead of your power requirements by recognising trends and understanding maximum power needs, leading to improved overall efficiency.

Improve generator health

Our proactive monitoring allows you to pre-empt interruptions or overloading, contributing to enhanced generator health.

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