Cabling and distribution

Cabling and distribution boards

Improve your power setup with premium accessories

Wernick Power Solutions extends its commitment to excellence with a comprehensive cabling and distribution range, perfectly complementing our hire fleet.

Tailored to provide electrical protection aligned with industry legislation, our accessories ensure the safe and efficient operation of generators across various sectors.


Empower your temporary installations with our versatile cabling solutions. Rigorously tested for reliability and safety, our cabling range offers the perfect protection for generators of any size.

  • Flexible multi-core and single core load cables: Suitable for all industry sectors, providing versatile protection for temporary installations.
  • Cable ramps for pedestrian safety: Ensuring a safe environment on-site with our dedicated cable ramps.

Available cabling options:

  • Multi-core cabling
  • Single-core cabling
  • Power lock

We can also provide cable ramps upon request.

Distribution boards

Choose from our robust selection of distribution boards, crafted for durability and safety. Whether for hardwiring or equipped with various socket combinations, our distribution boards facilitate seamless connections between generators and your equipment or premises.

Distribution board options:

  • Event power distribution: Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Site power distribution
  • Automatic mains failure panels
  • Smart distribution
Cabling and distribution
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