Wernick Power Solutions’ Voltbank® forms an intelligent Hybrid system with your generator.

The battery receives charge from the generator throughout the day, then at reduced demand periods the system switches to the VOLTBANK® to run lights, security cameras and other appliances. At increased demand periods the Voltbank® works in conjunction with the generator to provide more power.

By avoiding the running of your generator, you reduce your emissions, noise levels and fuel costs by hundreds of pounds each week.

As an innovative product that works across many different industry sectors our Voltbank® products help our customers to meet sustainability targets and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

Key Specification

  • Adaptable to include solar PV arrays to feed carbon zero charge to the VOLTBANK® to be used when required
  • Multiple Voltbanks® can be connected to increase power output
  • Increases resilience of a power system and reduces downtime
  • Reduces noise and air pollution
  • Reduces the fuel usage required for the project
  • Helps reduce the size of the generator by 20%
  • Voltbank® is available between 2kVA and 60kVA