Static welfare units

When mains services are unavailable, our Static Welfare Units offer convenient on-site welfare facilities that comply with health and safety site welfare directives. These secure units are available in various sizes and come equipped with essential features to meet your needs.

Wernick Hire's static welfare units

Creating safe and comfortable environments for remote workers

Our welfare units are purpose-built to provide a safe and comfortable environment for workers in remote or off-grid locations. Serving as a hub for essential facilities, these units allow employees to access vital amenities without compromising their well-being.

Exterior shot of Wernick Hire's static welfare units

Durability, security, and compliance

In addition to the key features mentioned above, we prioritise durability, security, and compliance with regulatory standards. Our welfare units are designed to withstand demanding conditions and ensure the safety of occupants. We understand the significance of providing reliable welfare solutions that meet the needs of various industries, including construction, events, and more.

Interior shot of Wernick Hire's static welfare units & mobile welfare units
Wernick Hire's static welfare generator

The integral generator ensures continuous power supply for all your electrical needs within the unit.

Lighting and heating shot
Electric lighting and heating

Enjoy well-lit and comfortable surroundings with electric lighting and heating options.

Drying room area
Separate drying room

The unit includes a dedicated drying room to allow for the drying of wet clothing and gear.

WC of Wernick Hire's static welfare units & Mobile ECO Welfare Units
Toilet with instant water heater

The welfare unit features a toilet equipped with an instant water heater, ensuring a convenient and comfortable experience.

Canteen area
Office/canteen area

A spacious office/canteen area is provided, complete with a sink, cooker, and refrigerator, allowing for a comfortable and functional space.

Wernick Hire's static welfare units
Integral water and waste tanks

The unit comes with integral water and waste tanks, providing a reliable and self-contained water supply and waste management system.

Self-contained welfare brochure
External shot of static ECO welfare units
Want a sustainable option?

We have an eco option available.