Static ECO welfare units

External shot of static ECO welfare units

Solutions for worker welfare and on-site offices

The GreenSpace Static Welfare Units provide comprehensive solutions for worker welfare and on-site office requirements. These units are designed to maximise worker comfort and reduce energy costs, offering a range of features and configurations to meet diverse needs.

With robust construction and various amenities, the GreenSpace Static Welfare Units are ideal for companies looking to prioritise worker well-being and productivity.

Internal shot of Wernick Hire's GreenSpace ECO cabins - ECO welfare units

7.6 Static Welfare Unit

The 7.6 Static Welfare Unit is a versatile solution that not only caters to worker welfare but also includes a separate office area and a drying room. This unit is perfect for companies seeking to provide a comfortable and productive workspace while ensuring worker well-being.

  • 12V LED Light with PIR Sensor: Energy-efficient lighting with a motion sensor for optimal illumination and energy savings.
  • Generator Auto-Timed Control: Convenient auto-timed control for the integral generator, ensuring efficient and reliable power supply.
  • Diesel Powered Heating System: A diesel-powered heating system provides effective and controllable heating for the unit.
  • 6kVA Super Silenced Diesel Generator: Equipped with a 6kVA super silenced diesel generator that exhausts venting through the roof, ensuring quiet and efficient operation.
  • 12V Mini Hand Wash: A compact and convenient 12V mini hand wash for hygiene needs.

8.4 Static Welfare Unit

The 8.4 Static Welfare Unit offers ample space to fulfil on-site welfare demands. With a generous layout that includes an 8-person canteen, washing and drying facilities, toilets, and office space, this unit provides a comfortable and well-equipped environment for workers.

  • LED Lighting with PIR Sensor: Energy-efficient LED lighting with a motion sensor for optimal illumination and reduced power consumption.
  • Eberspacher Heating System: The unit is equipped with an Eberspacher heating system that ensures efficient and thermostatically controlled warmth.
  • Thermostatically Controlled Hot Water: Enjoy access to hot water with a thermostatically controlled system for comfort and convenience.
  • Diesel Generator Set for 12V Battery Charge: The unit features a diesel generator set specifically designed for charging the 12V battery.
  • Long-Run 140L Diesel Tank: A large-capacity 140L diesel tank provides extended operation and minimises refuelling requirements.
  • uPVC Double Glazed Windows: High-quality uPVC double glazed windows offer insulation, natural light, and sound reduction.
  • High Security Doors with Deadlocks: The unit is equipped with high-security doors featuring deadlocks for enhanced safety and protection.

Key features

ECO Fusion static welfare units

Integral Generator

Our Eco Static welfare units come equipped with an integral generator, ensuring continuous running capability when required. This feature guarantees an uninterrupted power supply, enabling essential functions to operate seamlessly.

Domestic Plug Sockets

Convenient domestic plug sockets are strategically placed within the units, allowing easy access to electrical outlets for various equipment and devices

Double Locking Steel Door

Enhanced security is ensured with the double locking steel door, providing a robust barrier against unauthorised access.

Chemical or Full Flush Toilet

Choose between a chemical or full flush toilet option based on your specific preferences and site requirements, ensuring proper sanitation facilities for your workforce

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Standard static units

We also provide a standard option.