Mobile ECO welfare units

A sustainable solution for on-site welfare

Our Eco units are designed to meet your on-site welfare needs while minimising its environmental footprint. Constructed with eco-friendly materials and featuring efficient water management, this unit aligns with your commitment to sustainability.

Innovative energy efficiency

Our Eco units incorporate cutting-edge energy generation, storage, and control technologies, ensuring maximum efficiency. By leveraging these innovations, they can significantly reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%. Experience a greener and more sustainable approach to on-site welfare without compromising functionality or performance.

Key features of mobile ECO welfare units

WC of Wernick Hire's static welfare units & Mobile ECO Welfare Units
Eco-friendly construction

This unit is built using anti-vandal steel, ensuring robustness and security while minimising its environmental impact.

Efficient water management

Equipped with waste water containers and an electric pump for the water system, the unit promotes responsible water usage and easy waste disposal.

Convenient handwashing station

The 12V mini hand wash allows for quick and easy access to water, promoting personal hygiene on-site.

Wernick Hire's static welfare generator
Versatile power options

The single inverter powered socket and 12V plug/USB socket provide flexible charging options for electronic devices, keeping your team connected.

Enhanced safety features

With a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide monitor, the unit ensures the well-being of workers, prioritising their safety during their time on-site.

Mobile ECO Welfare Units radiator
Efficient heating and lighting

The diesel-powered heating system and 12V LED light with PIR sensor provide warmth and energy-efficient lighting, optimising comfort and minimising power consumption.

Eco fusion welfare units

Self-contained welfare brochure
Exterior shot of a mobile welfare unit
Standard mobile units

We also provide standard mobile welfare units.