GreenSpace Solar Loo

In today's world, where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, the GreenSpace Solar Loo is making an impact in on-site facilities. Specifically designed for increasing demands from the construction, rail, utility, and hire industries, this eco-friendly toilet unit offers numerous practical advantages.

Transforming on-site welfare

The GreenSpace Solar Loo an anti-vandal, robust, and environmentally friendly solution designed to meet the increasing demands of the construction, rail, utility, and hire industries.

Incorporating cutting-edge solar technology, this static anti-vandal unit is highly efficient, providing toilet facilities for up to 3 people. With features aimed at reducing fuel usage, carbon emissions, and service schedules, the GreenSpace Solar Loo is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for on-site welfare.

Solar-powered efficiency

At the core of this innovation are two 360W solar panels mounted on the roof, providing the necessary power. This reduces carbon footprint and minimises fuel usage, aligning with environmental goals.

Streamlined and cost-effective

The GreenSpace Solar Loo features an in-built effluent tank, eliminating the need for separate tanks. This simplifies logistics and saves both time and money. These units are robust and highly efficient, resulting in fewer service requirements.

Top view of the GreenSpace Solar Loo
Key Features
  • Low-Flush Eco Toilet: Prioritising water efficiency without compromising performance.
  • Waterless Urinal: Reduces water waste and maintenance.
  • Solar-Powered: Relies on solar energy, reducing reliance on traditional fuels.
  • Warm Water Supply: Provided by a diesel-powered heating system.
  • Compliance: Meets HSE and CDM standards.

Whether it’s construction, rail, utilities, or the hire industry, the GreenSpace Solar Loo caters to a range of needs. Its practical design and user-friendliness make it an excellent choice for on-site facility requirements across various settings.

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Solar Technology
Two separate Unisex areas with low flush eco toilet
Exterior LED light c/w PIR & waste tank and fresh water tank indicators
Service Area with 325L clean water tank