Secure cabins

Safe and protected cabins with enhanced security features.

Wernick Hire's secure cabins

Keep your site safe with anti-vandal units

Ensure the safety of your site with our comprehensive range of secure cabins designed to withstand vandalism and unauthorised access. Constructed with robust corrugated steel and equipped with heavy-duty door locks and window shutters, our cabins provide the ultimate security solution.

External shot of Wernick Hire's secure cabins

Multiple configurations for various functions

Versatile and adaptable, our secure cabins can be combined to create various functional spaces such as secure office areas, welfare facilities, and storage units. With the ability to stack these units up to four storeys high, along with link corridors and external staircases, you can optimise your space while maintaining security. What’s more, all internal fittings are included upon delivery, allowing you to begin work immediately.

Multiple secure cabins in a row

Wide range of applications

Our secure cabins are ideal for a wide range of applications, offering a flexible solution tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require additional office space, secure storage facilities, or welfare amenities, our cabins provide a reliable and secure solution for your site.

Dickens Heath Youth Community Centre - Toilets
Toilets and showers

Durable, low-maintenance secure toilet and shower facilities available for on-site use. Single units to multi-cubicle complexes. Easy mains connection or standalone with generator.


Whether you need a construction site office for a few weeks, or a quick way to expand your offices, Wernick Hire can provide the perfect solution to keep your staff comfortable and productive.

Changing and drying rooms

Provide a pleasant environment for your workers to store, change, and dry their workwear with temporary facilities from Wernick Hire. Our units are available in a number of sizes, so they can be suited to any size workforce.

Smoking shelters

Keep your staff comfortable and reduce fire risks with a designated smoking shelter.

The simple and robust design makes these units suitable for any environment, from construction sites to corporate offices.


Wernick Hire’s canteen units offer everything your workers need to prepare and eat meals and refreshments.

All canteen facilities are provided with a sink unit, water heater, and work top in one end of the cabin as standard.


Tools, equipment, documents, materials – whatever you need to keep safe on site, trust it to our range of secure storage units.

Units are of tough all-steel construction that incorporates robust door locks designed to discourage even the most determined vandal or intruder.

Key features of our secure cabins:

Standard Internal Fittings:

  • T5 lighting for optimal illumination
  • Ample power points for convenient electrical access
  • 2Kw convector heating for comfortable temperatures
  • White vinyl faced wall panelling for a clean and professional appearance
  • Light grey vinyl flooring for durability and ease of maintenance
  • Window shutters for enhanced security and privacy

Optional extras:

  • Cat 2 lighting for specialised requirements
  • Window blinds for customisable light control
  • Carpet flooring for added comfort and aesthetics
  • Corporate livery to match your brand identity
  • Furniture options to meet your specific needs
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