GreenSpace ECO cabins

We’ve been dedicated to reducing energy use and minimising the carbon footprint for our clients while delivering uncompromising quality and performance with our eco cabins.

Wernick Hire's GreenSpace ECO cabins

Energy-efficient and sustainable accommodation

Our GreenSpace ECO cabins are meticulously crafted to lower running costs through energy-saving design principles applied to every aspect, including the building fabric, temperature control, lighting, and ventilation systems. The exceptional energy efficiency of our units is evident in their impressive Energy Performance Asset Ratings.

Internal shot of Wernick Hire's GreenSpace ECO cabins - ECO welfare units

Achieve remarkable savings

With our GreenSpace ECO cabins achieving an ‘A’ EPC rating, you can experience remarkable savings of up to 73% on running costs and an outstanding 84% reduction in carbon emissions compared to our standard units*.

Please note that the comparison is based on a specific unit layout and location. To ensure project-specific assurance, we recommend requesting bespoke calculations.

External shot of Wernick Hire's GreenSpace ECO cabins

Environmentally friendly features

  • Double glazed windows that improve U-Values
  • Increased levels of insulation that improve U-Values
  • Passive infra-red (PIR) sensors to operate lighting
  • Thermostat / timer controlled heating system
  • Heavy duty door closers to retain heat
  • Dual flush cisterns and non-concussive push taps to reduce water consumption
  • Timber sourced from sustainable sources
  • Window shutters and insulated external doors

Comparison is based on a single unit layout, calculated in a consistent specific location and orientation, in accordance with the NCM at the time of calculation. EPC ratings away from that specific location and orientation are different and reliant on a range of variable factors.

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