Fire rated cabins

Fire-resistant modular structures designed to withstand and contain fires.

What is a fire rated cabin?

Fire rated cabins, also known as fire-resistant cabins, are specially designed structures that offer enhanced fire protection. These cabins are constructed using materials and techniques that meet strict fire safety standards, providing a safe and secure environment in situations where fire hazards may be present. They are built to withstand fire outbreaks and contain the spread of flames, giving occupants valuable time to evacuate or wait for emergency services.

Exceeding standards

To ensure the highest level of fire safety, our fire rated cabins go above and beyond the standards set by BS476. and meet the recommendations in the Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation.

Choose our cabins with confidence, knowing that they are built to provide maximum fire resistance and a secure environment in high-risk scenarios. Our commitment to exceeding BS476 requirements and adhering to the Joint Code of Practice sets our fire rated cabins apart as a reliable and trusted solution for ensuring optimal fire safety.

Our solutions for fire prevention on construction sites

Why use fire rated cabins?

Enhanced fire safety

These cabins are specifically engineered to resist fire and protect occupants in high-risk environments. These cabins are designed to withstand fire for extended periods, providing valuable time for evacuation and minimising the risk of injury or loss of life.

Compliance with regulations

Fire resistant cabins comply with stringent fire safety regulations and standards, ensuring that you meet the necessary legal requirements for fire protection on your premises. By using our cabins, you can demonstrate your commitment to safety and fulfill your duty of care towards your employees, visitors, and stakeholders.

Protection of assets

Fire outbreaks can result in significant damage to property, equipment, and important documents. Fire rated cabins offer an added layer of protection for your assets, reducing the risk of loss or damage in case of a fire emergency.

Versatility and customisation

Our cabins are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing for flexibility in meeting your specific requirements. Whether you need office spaces, control rooms, storage facilities, or accommodation units, fire rated cabins can be customised to suit your needs while providing the necessary fire resistance.

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