Temporary classrooms

We offer a range of temporary classrooms, providing an ideal solution for expanding student capacity with unmatched flexibility. Whether you require additional space for a few weeks or several years, our modular buildings can be swiftly delivered and fully operational within one week.

Wernick Hire's Modular Temporary Classrooms

Unmatched flexibility for every classroom requirement

With our modular buildings, we offer unparalleled flexibility to accommodate students of all ages and class sizes. No matter the pupil age or educational needs, we can tailor a solution specifically designed to meet your requirements.

For urgent situations, we also offer a range of standard classrooms readily available from our stock.

Interior shot of Wernick's temporary classrooms

Tailored spaces for enhanced learning experiences

We understand that classrooms are more than just spaces for lectures. That’s why we offer customised building options to create the perfect learning environment.

From science labs and IT suites to drama or music rooms, we can transform our classrooms to suit various educational disciplines, providing an enriched and engaging experience for students.

Close up shot of Wernick's temporary classrooms

PMflex temporary classrooms

Why choose modular temporary classrooms?

Eden Girls Leadership Academy School Modular Building
Speed and efficiency

Modular classrooms can be rapidly deployed, providing additional space in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction, meeting urgent capacity demands swiftly.

Gartree High School Case Study staircase - temporary classrooms
Flexibility and adaptability

The modular design allows for easy customisation, ensuring the classrooms can be tailored to specific educational needs, accommodating various subjects and activities.

interior shot of our temporary classrooms
Cost-effective solution

Temporary classrooms offer a cost-effective alternative to permanent structures, allowing educational institutions to meet short-term capacity requirements without substantial long-term investments.

Minimal disruption

The offsite construction process minimises disruption to your organisation, making modular classrooms an ideal choice for schools, colleges, and universities where continuity of education is paramount.

PMflex classroom brochure
Modular building at Swansea University
Permanent education buildings

We also provide permanent education buildings.