Wernick Greenspace Units

GreenSpace Eco Accommodation

With the increasing demand for all types of accommodation to be more environmentally aware, Wernick Hire has introduced a range of portable accommodation units that address this issue.

Every aspect of our GreenSpace ECO range, including the building fabric and the temperature, lighting and ventilation systems, has been designed to lower running costs by saving energy. This is demonstrated in each unit’s Energy Performance Asset Rating. Why not try our Greenspace calculator tool to see your savings?

Our cabins can be used for a range of applications. To find out more, click here.

Our GreenSpace units typically include the following environmentally friendly features:

  • Double glazed windows that improve U-Values
  • Increased levels of insulation that improve U-Values
  • Passive infra-red (PIR) sensors to operate lighting
  • Thermostat / timer controlled heating system
  • Heavy duty door closers to retain heat
  • Dual flush cisterns and non-concussive push taps to reduce water consumption
  • Timber sourced from sustainable sources
  • Window shutters and insulated external doors

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All buildings are also available for purchase.