Fire Rated Accommodation

SurefireTM all steel units provide increased protection for your site in the event of a fire.

Where temporary site accommodation or storage is positioned close to an existing building it must be a fire rated standard to protect the adjacent premises. Fire rated as Category A, our units are manufactured to exceed BS476 requirements and meet the recommendations in the Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation.

Our cabins can be used for a range of applications. To find out more, click here.

Fire rated  cabin features:

  • Certified to achieve a 30-minute “in to out” fire rating
  • Available in sizes 7.2 (24’) to 9.6 (32’) metres in length. Smaller toilets also available
  • Roof and wall cavities insulated with non-combustible glass-wool fibre
  • Vinyl wall covering laminated to 12.5mm plasterboard lining, offering Class 0 spread of flame
  • Treated ceilings offering Class 0 spread of flame
  • Extra duty seam welded anti-static flooring, manufactured to Class 1 spread of flame.
  • Zinc rich fibre applied to all external mid steel surfaced and weld areas
  • Fully galvanised external wall panels
  • Coating of semi-gloss fast reflective fast enamel spray applied to roof for extra protection
  • Can be stacked and linked to create large complexes

As with all our cabin fleet, fire rated accommodation can be stacked and linked to create large complexes. For larger setups, we also offer modular fire rated products.

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