Tendring Technology College


Tendring Technology College faced a critical situation when the Department for Education (DfE) informed them about the presence of RAAC in the main school building.

This discovery posed a health risk and necessitated the immediate closure of a significant portion of the school, impacting classrooms and crucial office spaces. Displacing students and disrupting their education, particularly during the crucial exam season with mock exams and GCSEs approaching, was a major concern.

The school urgently required a temporary solution to re-accommodate students and teachers before the Christmas break, ensuring minimal disruption to the learning process.

  • Project name: Tendring Technology College
  • Sector: Education
  • Location: Tendring
  • Supplied by: Wernick Hire
  • Accommodation type: Standard one-story PMflex
  • Size: 10 single classrooms, 30 modules


Tendring Technology College contacted Wernick Hire through the DfE framework agreement. Wernick emerged as the ideal solution provider due to their proven ability to meet the school’s exceptionally tight timeframe. Beyond just speed, the school had specific requirements for the temporary classrooms. Wernick impressed the school by not only accommodating these needs but also reassuring them of their ability to deliver within the demanding schedule.

Wernick provided 30 modules (totaling 10 single classrooms) delivered and installed within a remarkable 3 weeks. This rapid turnaround included internal fit-out and the installation of essential features like alarms, air conditioning units, carpets, ramps, and steps. The resulting classrooms exceeded expectations, offering a spacious and well-equipped learning environment.

While the location and site conditions presented no significant hurdles, the project’s true challenge lay in the tight timeframe. The school emphasised the urgency of getting students back into classrooms for face-to-face learning before the Christmas break. Wernick’s team rose to the occasion, working diligently to deliver, install, and fully equip the classrooms within the allotted timeframe. This included coordinating with the school to ensure minimal noise disruption during installation and working around class schedules.

The high-quality temporary classrooms provided by Wernick significantly improved the learning environment for students. Teachers appreciated the spaciousness, air conditioning, heating, and excellent lighting, all contributing to a more conducive learning atmosphere compared to the previous space. The entire project, from initial contact to final installation, was seamless thanks to Wernick’s commitment and effective communication.

“We’d recommend Wernick to another school. They’ve been absolutely brilliant from start to finish, and the whole process has been absolutely seamless.”

–  Tom Burt, Principle, Tendring Technology College

I would recommend Wernick to another school. They're one of our key partners in delivering temporary accommodation for this particular situation, and we've worked very well with Wernick and I've been very pleased. They are also on a couple of my other projects.

Anthony Baxter
Project Director, Department for Education

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