Southmead Hospital executive offices

Southmead modular offices


The primary objective of this project was to create additional office accommodation to alleviate space constraints on the main site, thereby facilitating the conversion of the vacated area into much-needed clinical space. The newly constructed building now serves as the base for executives and support staff, with the first floor dedicated to the executive team.

  • Project name: Southmead Hospital
  • Sector: Offices
  • Location : Southmead, Bristol
  • Client name: North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Supplied by: Wernick Buildings
  • Accommodation type : Two-storey office
  • Size: 38 modules
  • Features : Open plan offices, glass-partitioned meeting rooms, break-out area, lockers, kitchen, toilets


To address the project’s requirements effectively, our solution encompassed several key elements. We implemented glazed partitioning to enhance interior aesthetics and create a modern, open atmosphere. The integration of photovoltaic (PV) panels ensures sustainable energy practices, contributing to the building’s overall eco-friendliness. External cladding, featuring a combination of brick and rock panel, not only enhances the building’s visual appeal but also provides durable protection against the elements. The inclusion of protruding window reveals adds architectural interest to the structure, and a passenger lift was installed to ensure accessibility across different levels.

Additionally, a bespoke external canopy was designed for the main entrance, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Despite the complexity of the project, we successfully met the client’s requirement to have modules on-site by the end of March. Working on a live hospital site presented unique challenges, especially given the presence of numerous existing services around the building. Our team navigated these complexities with precision and expertise, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption to the hospital’s ongoing operations.

Learn about our first building at Southmead.

Southmead Trust Headquarters front entrance