Siemens Energy: East Anglia 3


Siemens Energy was entrusted with the responsibility of delivering HVDC converter stations for the East Anglia 3 offshore wind project in the United Kingdom. As part of this project, there arose a need for new infrastructure, encompassing offices, canteens, restrooms, shower facilities and efficient temporary power package to support the construction of these converter stations.

Benefitting from their position as Siemens’ preferred framework supplier, Wernick was selected to offer an innovative modular accommodation and power solution tailored to meet this specific requirement.

  • Project Name: EA3 HV-DC Onshore Converter Station
  • Sector: Energy
  • Location: Bramford, Ipswich
  • Client Name: Siemens Energy
  • Supplied by: Wernick Hire & Wernick Power Solutions
  • Duration of Hire: Approx. 3 years
  • Internal fit-out features: Large folding partition to offer versatility for use of space, L4 Wireless Fire Alarm System, Internet cabling & connection
  • External finish features: Double viewing platform, Full foundation, steps and ramp solution
  • Power features: Hybrid energy system comprising of HVO enabled generator and intelligent battery storage unit


 Wernick carefully listened to Siemens’ needs and tailored a solution using their new modular system. This innovative solution consisted of a 10-bay single-storey building and a 28-bay two-storey building.

Additionally, Wernick Power Solutions designed, installed, and commissioned a bespoke automated energy efficient hybrid power package for the site providing temporary power through a HVO enabled generator combined with a 75kWh intelligent battery storage unit, with a monthly fuel and carbon savings report issued by their Business Intelligence Team.

Siemens Energy also made a modification request, a lookout tower overlooking the construction site. This was swiftly incorporated into the project during the building phase, demonstrating Wernick’s adaptability and efficiency in meeting evolving needs.

With Siemens’ environmental goals in mind, Wernick provided their new modular product, plus an automated energy efficient hybrid generator and battery package option. The Wernick Power VoltBank battery units significantly reduced the need for site generators to run, saving 90,754 Kg of carbon, 35,648 litres of fuel, and provided 3,900 of silent run hours. Siemens Energy even expressed their interest in exploring the possibility of incorporating Bio methane powered generators into their operations in the future.

During construction and commissioning, the site foreman maintained an impressively clean and orderly work area. He ensured that all personnel were equipped with the necessary PPE, and all required documentation was in place for every task carried out. This commitment to safety and organisation played a vital role in the project’s overall success.

Alan Graham and the team were a pleasure to deal with on this project.  Good communication between the site and ourselves meant that the job was able to be planned and executed without any unnecessary delays or hitches. We were able, with help from the Siemens team, to get a number of our sub-contractors on site simultaneously to carry out their works safely and effectively meaning that the building was handed over on time and to the customers satisfaction.

–  John Kelly, General Manager, Wernick Hire Chawston

We’re very happy with the service we have received from Wernick. I’d would be more than happy to recommend them to any other of our sites that are starting up and requiring a full temporary office block.

Alan Graham
Project Co-ordinator