Seddon Construction – The Moorings


Seddon Construction, engaged in a new build project named “The Moorings” in Congleton. The client, having had a negative experience with a previous supplier, was hesitant to trial a battery, expressing a lack of faith in the potential savings. Building confidence in the solution was a key objective for Wernick Power Solutions.

  • Project name: The Moorings - New Build
  • Sector: Construction
  • Location: Congleton
  • Client name: Seddon Construction
  • Solution provided: 60kVA & 45kW battery
  • Features: Reduced fuel consumption, Reduced Co2 emissions, Silent running hours in a residential area.


Wernick Power Solutions provided an initial trial of the hybrid power package to showcase the practical benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, decreased CO2 emissions, and silent running hours in a residential area. The objective was to change the customer’s perspective on standard generator setups and demonstrate the tangible savings achievable through a battery-powered solution.


The customer’s response to the trial was positive, leading to a successful outcome. After experiencing the 1-week trial, the client expressed satisfaction and chose the 60kVA & 45kW battery for the entire three-month duration of the project. The savings report further substantiates the success, indicating prime savings of £3,708, with 9,850 kg of Co2 emissions avoided.

Additional savings include:

  • 4,128 liters of fuel
  • 570 silent hours
  • 63% silent running efficiency.