Huby Bowling Club

Local Club Bowled Over by Generosity of Wernick Refurbished Buildings

Huby Bowling Club has been an important part of the local community since it first opened in the 1940s, offering lawn bowling facilities and acting as a social hub for its members.  But the clubhouse, which was built in the 1970s, had fallen into disrepair, placing the club’s future in doubt.

The club needed to raise a substantial sum of money to rebuild, and began contacting local businesses for donations. Club member Paul Kendrick approached Alan Barnes at Wernick Refurbished Buildings and asked for the company to contribute.

Wernick were one of the first to donate to the club, providing them with a secure storage unit to safely house the club’s bowling equipment. Wernick are grateful for the help of Rhodes Haulage in getting the unit safely delivered free of charge.

This first contribution seemed to kick-start the club’s campaigning efforts, and the group soon raised in excess of £50,000 from various local businesses, grant schemes and charities like the Lottery Fund. The money will go toward building a new, purpose built 1000sq foot club house which should be ready for use in May.

Paul Kendrick, who spearheaded the club’s fundraising efforts said; “Myself and the club have been utterly bowled over by the generosity of the local grant bodies, council and businesses, and our sincere thanks go to them all for helping us turn this project from a hair-brained idea into a reality.”

Club Chairman, John Piercey, added: “Everyone at the club is astounded by the generosity of those involved. They’ve no idea how much this means to the members. We can’t wait to invite everyone over for a game of bowls when the work is complete to say thank you.”

The Wernick Refurbished Buildings Team are more than happy to rise to the challenge of a bowls game – subject to a lot of practice and a handicap!

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