Sutton Hospital

The work undertaken in Epsom and St Hellier NHS Trust’s Malvern Centre is unlikely to be featured in any medical drama. There’s a complete absence of patients being rushed down the halls for life saving surgery, or ambulances screeching to a halt outside A&E. Instead, the work done, like the symptom it treats, is far more subtle.

Alongside the phlebotomy clinic, the building housed the Centre for Pain Education, aptly known as COPE. This multidisciplinary service runs a pain management programme for sufferers of chronic pain, helping them to lead more fulfilling lives despite their condition.

When the land the Malvern Centre stood on was sold to Sutton Council to make way for a new school, a replacement building was high on the list of priorities for the Trust. Needing a quick solution that didn’t compromise on building quality, the Trust began investigating modular construction. Their search soon led them to Wernick Refurbished buildings, who could offer further savings via the use of refurbished modular buildings.

Both the speed and cost savings on the project were facilitated by the extensive fleet of used modular buildings available to Wernick Refurbished Buildings. In this instance, the building was particularly well suited to the application, as Wernick were able to use modules from a building previously located at Rochdale Hospital.

The hospital used the opportunity to consolidate other functions in the extra space provided by the two storey building, including the ambulance fleet support and Essex emergency teams. The building features a number of single and open plan offices, meeting rooms and storage spaces to allow the various departments it contains to function smoothly.

Feedback from patients and staff has been very positive, and the success of the project has led to the Trust discussing several further modular projects in the near future.

Alan Barnes, Wernick Refurbished Buildings General Manager, commented “This project is another great example of how flexible an asset a modular building can be. The Trust now has a high quality building that can be refurbished, relocated or reconfigured as their needs evolve. If the building is no longer needed, it can be sold on. As an added bonus, this process saves tons of waste from landfill.”