"You wouldn’t know it’s not brand new – it’s immaculate!..."

Barking Abbey School

Essex School Chooses Modular Classroom

“The delivery and installation of our new classrooms was so quick, it was unbelievable”. That was a comment by Bill Coley, retired deputy headteacher and now working as the assets manager at Barking Abbey School, a specialist sports and humanities college in Essex.

The school has 2200 students and was expecting a £40m investment in new buildings in the very near future, but like many other highly rated schools, they recently found out that the investment has been withdrawn indefinitely.

However, because of the rapidly expanding population in the school’s catchment area an increase in classroom space was urgently required. So, not to be beaten, Bill went on-line to see what he could find under ‘reconditioned classrooms’.

Wernick Refurbished Buildings’ website came up and Bill was treated so efficiently when he contacted the company, and the quotation for a double classroom was so cost effective, he ordered from them.

“The borough surveyor was very impressed when he saw what we had bought,” claims Bill, “You wouldn’t know it’s not brand new – it’s immaculate”.

The completely reconditioned modular building was delivered and positioned in three hours. Finishing work took five days. Since then it has been equipped with IT equipment and is used as a general classroom by year 7 and 8 students.

“We were delighted with the service that Wernick Refurbished Buildings provided to us”, continued Bill, “I can only describe it as first class! The building is excellent.”

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